20 Social Media Resources for a Stunning Strategy

Social media marketing sounds like a simple enough task. You’ve got a great product, so you’ll just tell the whole world about it with a tweet. Then that’ll go viral, the product sells itself, and you’ll buy the island next to Richard Branson’s.

It’s nice to dream. But in reality, your one post probably won’t go viral. You’ll be tweeting and Facebook-ing a lot, and mostly what you get out will reflect the effort you put in.

The good news is that you can still drive traffic, generate leads, and even sell directly through social media. You might not buy the island this week, but you can build a successful company off the back of your social efforts.

To do this, you need a sound strategy. One you can re-use, alter, improve, and repeat.

Resources for any social media platform

There are key differences between each of the major social media platforms. Instagram prioritizes images and video, Twitter is for real-time updates, and Facebook is fast becoming an all-purpose beast. Your social strategies will vary somewhat for each.

But there are also similarities between them all. You need a social media plan that works across the board, with special tweaks for individual platforms.

Our first 12 resources explain how to use social media for lead generation, to build a following, and to give your brand a voice. Plus we have a bunch of great guides to social selling, which more businesses are using as old-fashioned sales techniques become less helpful.

1.How to Turn Social Media Conversation Into Leads.

If you’re transitioning from “social media for fun” to “social media for business,” this is the place to start. This guide explains the basic strategy of social media marketing, and how to use it to achieve your goals.

You’ll get a strategy that:

  • Builds your brand
  • Creates great content
  • Engages with social users
  • Generates leads

2.The Best tools for Turning Social Media Chatter Into Customers

Now that you’ve got your strategy, you need the right tools to execute it. You’ll want to test out a range, and this book has a great collection to start with.

Ranging from free and basic, to enterprise-level suites, you’ll get an idea of the sorts of tools you need to consider investing in. Plus, there are links to all of them, so you won’t even need to go searching.

Bonus: This book follows the same structure as our first resource, so grab both and use them hand-in-hand.

3. 50 Best Social Media Tools From 50 Most Influential Marketers Online

Yep, even more social media tools. This post from Aaron Orndorff is a little different, though. He interviewed 50 influential marketers and asked them for their most valuable tools. Whereas our second resource sets out a strategy and offers tools to support that, this post offers advice from serious marketing heavyweights.

4.Get Started: Social Media Guide For Small Business.

Social media marketing can be a challenge for small businesses. You may not have the budget to hire someone just for this task, and you’re forced to squeeze it into your other marketing efforts. Like spinning plates.

This Series From Brenda Barron Shows You:

  • How to Use Social Media for Small Business (Beginner’s Guide)
  • How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles
  • How to Discover Your Ideal Social Media Voice
  • 14 Helpful Social Media Management Tools for a Better Workflow
  • How to Track Your Social Media ROI (Get Better Results)

Plus, she gives in-depth analyses of social media management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, and Tweetdeck.

5. 15 Ways to Get Leads On Social Media (Marketers Guide)

This guide from the Post Planner blog explains the lead generation method on social. Beginning with choosing the right kinds of leads and creating a good landing page, you get detailed instructions for generating leads across platforms.

This includes:

  • Lead generation ads for the major platforms
  • Tips and tricks to optimize your social profiles
  • Video marketing techniques that generate leads
  • The best approaches for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

All of that with great examples to illustrate, and a straight-to-the-point writing style. What’s not to love?

6. How to Maximize Brand Engagement On Social Media

A common goal for social media marketers is to “increase engagement” with customers and fans. And it makes sense. An engaged audience is not only more likely to provide feedback and say nice things about you, they’re also likely to share you with their friends.

  • Why social engagement matters
  • The best tools to foster engagement
  • How to build your social media strategy

7. How to Work With Influencer to Maximize Social Media Exposure

One sure-fire way to reach new audiences and improve your reputation is with influencers.

These are industry VIPs. When they talk about your brand people listen. So if you can partner up with one (or many!), you’ll speed up the slow “building awareness” process.

The best part about them, though, is that many of their followers are looking specifically for buying advice. If you’re selling products or services, a recommendation from one of these power users can lead directly to sales.

Think about it this way: when you need a mobile phone, would you buy without reading reviews first? This is the way we consume these days. So make sure you have reviews or recommendations from the coolest guys in town.

8. Social Sells – The Mini Guide to Social Selling

This short guide from the Salesforce blog gives you a great overview of social selling strategy. But that doesn’t mean that it’s light on detail.

  • What social selling is
  • Why we’re in The Age of Social Selling
  • What’s at risk if you don’t invest in social selling
  • How to discover sales opportunities using social media
  • How to use social to get to know your prospects better
  • How to get the right help to make the sale
  • How to spot competitive moves early
  • How to prevent customer defections

If you want to dive into social sales, but aren’t quite sure what that means, this is a great place to start.

9. The Sales Professional’s Go – to guide to Social Selling

It contains a great guide to optimizing each of your social profiles for sales, with examples. Since social media is about to become a key communication channel for your sales team, they need to present the right face.

You’ll also get tips for joining LinkedIn groups, and will learn how to share content to bring new prospects to you.

10. The Beginners Guide to Generating Sales Through Social Media

If you ever have trouble justifying social media marketing to others – or yourself – this is the blog post for you! Using real examples from people who’ve succeeded

breaks down the value of social selling, and provides some of his favorite strategies.

There are also a bunch of great real-life examples to learn from, which is always better than strict theory. And while he calls it a “beginner’s guide,” there’s plenty to reflect on for just about any digital marketer.

11. The Unlimited Social Selling Routine For the Modern Sale Pro (Infographic)

Ready to start social selling, but don’t know where to begin? This infographic from  Sales from Life

gives you a structure to follow as you dive in.

Use this as a rough skeleton and add your own sales flavor. Plus it’s brief, which is great because no salesperson on earth has hours of spare reading time.

12. How Closer $585 In Monthly Revenue From 1 Twitter

Here’s a fun (and slightly sneaky) technique to generate social media leads with the help of your competition. In this blog post, CEO Steli Efti explains how his company brings in new customers thanks to complaints about rival companies.

strategy in a nutshell:

  • Use a social listing tool to find complaints about your competitors
  • Approach those customers and help them solve your problems with your service
  • High five everyone in sight

Twitter marketing resources

Twitter is a wildly popular marketing platform. It’s easy to use, open to everyone, and allows an endless flow of content. No matter what kind of company you are, there’s really no reason not to use Twitter.

The problem is, everyone knows this already. If you wade in without a plan, you’ll be completely ignored. To give yourself a chance at breaking through and reaching a new audience, you have to have a sound strategy and great things to say.

The following pieces will help you launch your Twitter Marketing effectively. And if you’re already using Twitter, here’s a chance to evaluate and improve what you’re doing.

13. 8 Ways to Make Your Tweets More Impactful

This quick checklist helps you make sure you’re approaching Twitter the right way. Since you’ve only got a 140 characters, you need to get them right.

You’ll get 8 quick tips to improve your strategy. If each and every tweet meets most of these criteria, you’re onto a winner!

Whether you’re just getting started, or want to quickly re-evaluate your approach

14. How to Best Twitter Marketers use Monitoring to Generate Leads

  • Find new followers from your target audience
  • Write better tweets to engage the right people
  • Monitor the Competition
  • Find Influences to engaged With
  • Turn followers into leads

15. Powerful Tips for a Winning Twitter Sales Strategy

Once you’ve built a Twitter following and established your voice, it’s time to think about selling. After all, using Twitter for awareness is nice, but actually reeling in customers is so much sweeter.

There’s plenty of delightful detail to digest, including:

  • The best content structure for great tweets
  • How to send SMS messages through the social platform (a service )
  • Tips to use lists and search more powerfully
  • Keys to Twitter cards – a useful and overlooked feature

16. Twitter Tools to Improve your Sales

You’ll find tools to help you:

  • Create Twitter coupons to boost sales
  • Target and re-target local customers
  • Create instant online surveys
  • Block spammers so you can focus on sales.

Instagram marketing resources

Of course, fashion, jewelry, and e-commerce brands can make a killing using Instagram. But any creative company with a vision and a story to tell can build a passionate audience and convert leads there.

It’s also a wonderful space for solo marketers growing a personal brand, and startups promoting their company culture.

17. Instagram Marketing Master Guide: How to Grow an Audience That Buys

Specifically, it shows you how to:

  • Find followers using Iconsquare (an Instagram tool)
  • Get even more followers using contests
  • Turn those followers in paying customers
  • Avoid 21 classic Instagram marketing mistakes

18. How to Make Sales On Instagram

It shows you a complete Instagram sales strategy in linear fashion, laid out like a roadmap.

If nothing else, this would be great simply because it lets you visualize your Instagram marketing strategy. But it’s also packed full of tactics and takeaways.

You’ll learn:

  • Image best practices
  • How to use hashtags properly
  • How to engage with followers
  • Tips for running contests
  • Sales techniques

Facebook looks set to become the single most important marketing platform on social. Not only is it the biggest network, they’ve also added video, live streaming, and even a platform to Sell Goods Directly On Facebook.

You need to use Facebook right. These guides will help you do that.

19. Advanced Strategy to Drive More Holiday Sales With Facebook Ads

This is a long, detailed, behind-the-scenes look at some of the most important Facebook tools for sales Shopify provides an excellent guide to using Facebook Ads one of the most popular and effective marketing tools on the internet.

But what if you don’t care about holiday sales? Thanksgiving and Christmas have just been and gone. Don’t worry, this is a great breakdown for any time of the year that just happens to talk about the holidays. No matter how your Facebook strategy, you’ll want to check this post out.

20. How to grow your Facebook Audience Successful tips

Just like Twitter, Instagram, and frankly any social media platform, you need to start by building an audience. Nothing will be as useful to you as a group of loyal, passionate followers.
You want a following that engages, gives feedback, and (most of all) shares.
Enter She’s a certified marketing celebrity, and knows what she’s talking about

You’ll learn to add Facebook links to email signatures and websites, bring followers from other social platforms (and your blog), and find new followers using Facebook’s own tools.
And you can start doing these things 

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