An Affiliate Marketing Company dedicated to Small Businesses.

Do you know that 81% of the brands that are making a fuss in the market today are using affiliate marketing to meet their business agendas? Yes! You’ve heard it right! There’s nothing like an individual or a brand alone trying to drive their business sales. It’s all about sharing your brand idea with fellow marketers/affiliates and let them do the talking for you. That’s where you’re business partner Arigell Digital has been nailing the point for quite some time in the competitive market domain. We strategize the whole aspect of affiliate marketing!

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

It’s very easy to think that reaching out to an affiliate marketer would soon give you the conversion rates you’d been looking for. But the process is not that simple! It requires ardent understanding of the niche influencers and bloggers that can make an impact on your customer engagement rate. Atop Digital develops a sound and well-built strategy in going with the affiliate targeting process. Our talented team of marketers plot down the effective influencers in your area/industry and decide on multiple factors such as popularity/ audience engagement and reach to figure out whom we must pitch out to.

Affiliate Network Setup

Arigell Digital understands the whole principle behind connecting with like-minded and potential marketers to establish your business goals. We don’t believe in pitching out to influencers and affiliates just for marketing purposes. Our goal is to build a trusted and talented team of affiliate marketers who will render value to your business and generate enthusiasm from their end. We analyze potential affiliate marketers who can really render value to your business and coordinate with the team to come up with dynamic strategies. By doing so, your brand gets full leverage of affiliate marketing gains and can build a sturdy base on all social platforms

Influencer outreach

The idea behind influencer outreach is to connect with influencers who are relevant to your brand. Arigell Digital has brilliant marketing minds that analyze which influencer can bring you more specific returns like reach, engagement, and follower growth. We target Influencers based on audience demographics who can play a part in influencing local audiences in your domain. This way we generate audiences from all over the park by addressing different needs via the qualities possessed by the influencer. The greatest boon about influencer outreach is that they will give you audiences who will add on to the user LTV and long-term prospects. They have the power to sabotage direct responses given our strategy to induce those actions.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The largest ecommerce store is the best bet your business must look to leverage upon. With the strong knowledge of targeted Amazon affiliates and customer engagement aspects over various verticals, Arigell Digital can give you a strong lead to push those conversion rates. Amazon is a great place for fishing out some valuable affiliates and bloggers who’ve known how powerful this venue could be. Our marketing minds have studied the in’s and out’s of the kind of affiliates you must be looking for to achieve your business goal. The questions we ask our- are they data driven, are they driving conversion rates, CTR’s and how well do they negotiate with their buyers. Placing all these factors we generate a strong base for your Amazon affiliate marketing.