Digital Marketing Overview

Here is a brief overview of digital marketing and how it compares to traditional advertising. Digital marketing is the strategy and processes that connect advertisers with their audiences across digital channels. Digital marketing strategy is a plan that helps your organization to grow your business and monitor your business through using analytics your business strategy selecting method.

1.What is Digital Marketing??

Digital marketing called online marketing. This not only e-mail, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel

is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. From a general standpoint, marketing is the practice of identifying and satisfying customer needs.

The traditional manner of marketing involved businesses to advertise their products or services on print media, radio and television commercials, business cards, bill boards, fly and door to door marketing and in many other similar ways where Internet or social media websites were not employed for advertising. Traditional marketing policies had limited customer reachability and scope of driving customers’ buying behavior.

2.Why Industry Most Preferred Digital Marketing??

2.1 User of Internet.

4.88 billion people around the world use the internet in October 2021 – that’s almost 62 percent of the world’s total population. As of the first quarter of 2021, China was ranked first among the countries with the most internet users. China had 854 million internet users, more than double the amount of third-ranked United States with just over 313 million internet users.

 This number is still growing too, with our latest data showing that 222 million new users came online over the past twelve months.

2.2 How many time to grow business online.

Although every business is different, most can expect to start seeing success after about 18 to 24 months. In fact, the first Twelve months are just about finding your direction and establishing your business as a real company. Take these examples of some of the most famous businesses today.

Two to three years is the standard estimation for how long it takes a business to be profitable. That said, each startup has different initial costs and ways of measuring profit. A business could become profitable immediately or take three years or longer to make money. The ways to make money on the Internet are numerous, and savvy entrepreneurs can reap considerable profits from deploying a solid web-based business model. Common ways to make money with an Internet business include collecting advertising revenue, selling products or services and building an online marketplace.

2.3 How many companies sales on internet.

What percentage of business is done online? Instead, the coronavirus pandemic spurred an uptick in online activity as businesses were forced to make operational changes to meet the shifting dynamics in the market; IBISWorld estimates that the percentage of business conducted online increased 27.9% in 2020 alone, reaching 30.8% of business activity.

e-retail sales accounted for 18 percent of all retail sales worldwide. Digital Marketing Overview This figure is expected to reach 21.8 percent in 2024

Ecommerce reached $612.86 billion, up 16.4% from $526.72 billion in the first three quarters of 2020. Online penetration hit 18.7%, up from 18.4% for the same period last year. Offline sales increased 14.1% year over year, up significantly from 1.9% for the first nine months of 2020.

2.4 Sales nearly online in a pandemic.

The quarantines and curfews all over the world contributed to increased online commercial activity. This was to be expected: With reduced in-store traffic, retailers and salespeople focused on getting people to make online purchases to keep generating revenue. Digital Marketing Overview… People seem to have responded, as online sales worldwide have been rising steadily since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Online sales is a relatively young industry and, as such, it’s going through constant changes. The sophisticated ways to generate user data and use it for marketing efforts today were almost unimaginable a decade ago.

Over the past year, consumers in the UK and around the globe chose to shop from home because of in-person closures and restrictions – leading to a drastic uptick in ecommerce sales. Not only did consumers begin shopping more online with domestic retailers, but they also began to look beyond their borders to make purchases. In fact, online retail sales globally surged 24.1% in 2020 over 2019 Reaching USD $4.29 Trillion Doller.

3.Understanding digital marketing process.

Following is a 5 Step Digital Marketing Process, that can be used for marketing anything on Digital Media.

Step 1: Research

Step 2: Create

Step 3: Promote

Step 4: Analyze

Step 5: Optimize

4. Improving Brand Visibility.

  1. Website and User Experience. A website is a tool that integrates name, positioning statement, meaning, style and logo.
  2. Social Media Promotion.
  3. Search Engine Optimization.
  4. Content Marketing.
  5. Remarketing.
  6. Native Advertising.
  7. Track Progress & Set up Conversion Funnel.

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