Future of Digital Marketing ??

According to survey by Internet and Mobile Association of India , India will have around 4.66 billion people using internet users by 2021. This will create a fascinating business opportunity to sell services and products to a growing population of tech-savvy internet users.

And when it comes down to the business no doubt the trend of digital marketing is on the boom.

Important hacks of Digital marketing.

“Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate.

At one time, artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization were ambitious concepts bordering on the ridiculous. Today, these innovative digital marketing trends are among the top priorities for most business owners in 2021.

India, a densely populated country with a population of 1,339,180,127 (as of July 2017) ranks second in the World. And when we say Digital Marketing then note the Future of Digital marketing in India and the scope of digital marketing in future is going to get brighter in the coming years.  A mobile phone has become the basic need for everyone.

Reaching global markets

In India, many people are doing business whose target audience is the USA only. So anything is possible with social media. many companies from the USA also prefer Indian Digital Marketing Agency’s to plan out their social media campaigns.

And this is the reality. Through digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, one can reach to the audience of any corner of the world. The reach of these social media platforms is so huge that you can connect with almost everyone now.

1) Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising means using AI to automate ad buying so you can target more specific audiences. Real-time bidding, for example, is a type of programmatic ad buying. This automation is much more efficient and fast, which means higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs

It’s changing the face of digital advertising so swiftly that, according to eMarketer, 86.2% of Digital Display Ads in the U.S. will be programmatic by 2020.

2.  Result Oriented Approach

“Competitors push you to achieve more.”

Competition has always been there, both in business and marketing. There is always another brand or company colluding to overthrow another.

There are advanced strategies incorporated in Digital Marketing to improve website’s search engine

ranking which will help sites to come on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

These strategies provide businesses with an edge over their competitors.

Such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization),

which is a strategy to drive high quality intent-based traffic to your page.

Other than this, there are various tools to monitor the actual impact, that is the rate of converting this traffic into leads or actual customers.

3.  Direct and Non-intrusive Audience Reachout

So how exactly does Digital Marketing help in establishing a business?

Through such networks, buyers can gain information about products and services, and may even influence their peers.

Through Digital Marketing, marketers can reach out to customers any time without bothering them with unnecessary and incessant phone calls and other such intrusive and outdated methods. For example, marketers could send an email newsletter inviting customers to make a purchase and learn more about the offering and the brand behind it.

4.  Interactive Communication

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of interaction? Conversation?

Well yes, it is a two-way flow of information.

Feedback is what has made Interactive Marketing possible. Now, customers can communicate with the companies about their products through digital platforms in the form of feedback. These feedback contribute to making brand offerings better.

Today, easy-to-use tools make it easier for companies to solicit feedback and also track customer’s behaviors or reactions to the products/ services. Hence companies can tailor marketing communication and product offerings as per consumer satisfaction and requirement.

5.  Focused Audience Targeting

Unlike the magazines, newspapers or traditional Television ads,

Digital Marketing is not limited to only targeting a small group of audience. Digital Marketing has enabled brands to reach out to people and communicate about their products using social media, emails, websites, etc.

Targeting internet users and converting incoming traffic into leads or subscribers, is what this feature accurately states. Digital platforms give a plethora of targeting options.

There are strategies involved in targeting audiences.

These strategies help in driving traffic hence attracting the attention of people towards their brand or products if it is newly launched. There are other strategies which help marketers to draw the attention of the right kind of traffic who have more chances to convert into customers. Based on these, there are two kinds of targeting that can be defined.

There are primarily two strategies to target Internet users:

  • Inventory Targeting–Using this, brands can serve ads offering
  • specific content that is visited by individuals in one particular demographic.
  • Inventory Targeting–Using this, brands can serve ads
  • offering specific content that is visited by individuals in one particular demographic.
  • User Targeting–  Targeting only those individuals who have exhibited particular behavior or interest relevant to a marketer’s interest.

So, by now you have an idea of the unique features Digital Marketing offers vis-a-vis Traditional Marketing.

Now let us see, why Digital marketing is outperforming traditional marketing practices and the significant benefits of Digital marketing over Traditional Marketing.

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