Social Media Marketing

We ideate and execute Social Media marketing campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses to boost sales and increase revenue. Our data experts turn data into information and information into insight to craft digital strategies that bring Arigell to your business. As a dedicated Social Media marketing agency, we are result-driven in everything we do.

Facebook Advertising Service

Arigell Digital has a creative team of social media experts who are aware of the inside outs of running effective Facebook ad campaigns. We assess your company’s objective and goals and basis that we will recommend relevant ad formats that will generate the best result with minimal investment.


Our experts will take care of everything from composing compelling copies, designing immersive visuals, and targeting the right set of audiences to bring the right leads for your customers. 

Instagram Advertising Service

Instagram is the big daddy of all social media platforms today. Billions of pictures and videos are shared by users daily. As a result, Instagram opens up huge possibilities for small brands to compete with their direct competitors.


Arigell Digitally, with its social media marketing services, help you identify untapped opportunities, and lay the direction to execute results-driven campaigns. From sensational posts to stories and videos, we create unique content to market your business and boost organic growth on Instagram.

Pinterest Advertising Service

Pinterest is one of a kind social media platform that is too underrated. It’s a land of opportunity that many brands miss out on. Arigell Digital, as hardcore Social Media Marketing Company understands the role Pinterest plays as a social media platform right from leveraging your brand’s discoverability to helping it rank on the first page of search engines.


Pinterest is a goldmine waiting to be tapped and Arigell Digital simply opens the doors for small brands to harp on the opportunity. From initial research to tracking and reporting, we create solid Pinterest ad campaigns to help you boost your sales and drive engagement.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Be it any social media platform, Arigell Digital will help your brand to advertise, engage, and impact your audience. We create sensational campaigns on major social networks and leverage them using paid advertising strategies to bring maximum ROI and sales. Our marketing experts will take care of the technical part involved right from precise audience targeting to bidding.

LinkedIn advertising Service

Need marketing for your B2B business? We provide LinkedIn Marketing campaigns to help you connect with prospective customers, generate leads, and boost awareness as a part of social media marketing packages. From maintaining your brand’s social presence to every post that needs to be boosted to drive conversions, our experts will provide you crystal clear insights to nail your objectives. LinkedIn, unlike other social media platforms, requires much thought and clarity in terms of the approach taken to curate content.

Social media Monetizing

The Power of Recommendation on the internet is a super force that drives people to make buying decisions. We tactfully use affiliate marketing to accomplish that goal. Affiliate marketing programs for small-sized businesses to help achieve sales targets.